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Cygnet Clinga Old Skool Head

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  • The ultra-light, traditional indicator head
  • Adorns many leading anglers set-ups
  • The Old Skool is a dedicated slack-line indicator head
  • Will hang on your line without pulling it tight
  • Dimensions: 10mm x 22mm Weight: 2g Acrylic, 3g White
  • Available in: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, White and Old Skool Kit
  • Isolite Size: 3 x 10mm. Complete with Kippa Clip


Bobbin Weight (g) 2g
Brand Cygnet
Colour Black
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN 651208

More Info

Cygnet Clinga Old Skool Head When Cygnet bought out Muddy Waters & a bite indicator maker with a cult following & fans started to get really excited. Cygnet is famous for its classic, carpy rod supports and a pairing with Muddy Waters could only mean one thing: a stunning bobbin that offers the class of Cygnet design with the quality of Muddy Waters technology. The result The Cygnet Clinga Old Skool. Just one in a whole range of brand new bobbins, the Clinga Old Skool is the classic bobbin and it is proving popular among the dedicated carp fishing community. The Cygnet Clinga Old Skool Head has been purpose designed for slack line angling and it will hang perfectly on your line with out pulling. The bobbin head measures just 10mm by 22mm and weighs in at a mere 2g (in most colours, add an additional gram for the white head). These are the lightest bobbins in the Clinga range and it ensures that it can give ultra-sensitive responses, which is exactly what you need when you're fishing with a slack line as it lets you accurately read all of the under-water action. This also makes the Cygnet Clinga Old Skool Head the ideal bobbin choice for fishing at short range, as its light weight ensures tat it will respond alertly to the most delicate close-range take. The Cygnet Clinga Old Skool Head has a traditional balled line clip but it also comes with its trademark Kippa Clip. This is a unique line clip band and wings which offers the benefit of complete adjustability. By fishing with the band up to the balls of the clip, you can fish in the traditional running line manner. However, if you move the band down to the base of the clip you can then insert the line between the two rubbing wings. These trap the line without causing any damage to it and they allow you to fish with a fixed clip. By adjusting this, you can effectively adjust the sensitivity of your bobbin setup and with the Kippa Clip you can modify your bobbin head to suit your needs on the bank. The Cygnet Clinga Old Skool Head comes in six different colours. This allows you to perfectly match your bobbin head to your bite alarm setup for the ultimate carpy look. The blue, purple, yellow, red, and black coloured bobbin heads all tip the scales at a mere 2g and are manufactured from an acrylic material. The white version of the bobbin head is slightly heavier, weighing in at 3g, and is manufactured in PFTE material. The head will also accept a 3mm x 10mm isotope, allowing you the added benefit of being able to accurately see and read your bobbins in low light levels. Cygnet Tackle has been manufacturing top end bankware since 1993, when Mick Nolan dedicated to combine his love of carp fishing with his Ministry-of-Defence- standard engineering skills. The result was stunning carp fishing rod supports, all of which were precision built to the highest possible standards. What's more, Nolan wanted all of his products to last a life time on the bank, as he was fed up in reinvesting in expensive tackle items after only a handful of years. This is why Cygnet only ever uses the highest quality materials in its products. Cygnet's rod support systems are famous for being some of the most durable pieces of kit on the market, so if you're a dedicated angler then they are the perfect tackle items for you. Similarly, these Cygnet Clinga Old Skool Heads are built to the high standard that you'd expect from the brand and they are the ideal choice for the carp angler who wants to slack line fish with complete confidence.

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