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Prologic SNZ Slim Hang Indicator Set 3 Rods

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  • Twin line clip system
  • Supplied with spare bobbins
  • Additional weight included
  • Black finish snake chain
  • Ultra-bright acrylic bodies
  • Can accommodate beta light
  • Hockey stick screw connection

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Brand: Prologic
Type of Fishing: Carp
MPN: 54390

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About Prologic SNZ Slim Hang Indicator Set 3 Rods

Swingers or hangers are used to exacerbate bite indications in the carp discipline. For several years, swingers have been neglected due to the popularity of bobbins and the cumbersome nature of older interpretations of swingers. However, Prologic have redesigned the swinger, the cumbersome swingers of the past are no more, the SNZ Bite Indicator utilises a black finish 'snake' chain which is malleable enough to flex under the movement of a bite but stiff enough to allow line tension throughout the course of the night.The bobbins themselves are constructed from high-vis transparent acrylic to aid visibility in low light, the 3-rod kit is supplied with yellow, red, green and a spare set of three blue bobbins.& In addition to bobbins the set is also supplied with several different size weights, adding weights to your bobbins is crucial when fishing at range, intensifying bite indication when hundreds of yards of line are between you and the business end of your rig.The industry standard hockey stick screw attachment connects the SNZ swinger to your alarm system meaning it is compatible with all alarms available on the market. At the other end the Prologic bobbin attaches to your line via a twin line clip system which securely clips onto your line, yet, effortlessly disconnects when striking into the fish, on connection the twin clip makes a satisfying click noise indicating that the bobbin is fastened.The kit is supplied in a stylish branded carry case with a foam insert so all aspects of the kit are smartly organised in their own sections.

Key Features

Brand: Prologic
Type of Fishing: Carp
MPN: 54390