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Brand: Korda
GTIN: 5060323805794
Type of Fishing: Carp

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About Korda Stow Indicators Magnetic Hockey Stick

Korda's range of Stow Indicators have been revolutionising the market ever since they were first released back in 2011. Developed in conjunction with Carl Pashley, these indicators have been modelled on Carl's original Elstow bite indicator design. This ensures that whether you want to fish tight lines or slack lines you'll still be able to get the perfect bite indication to ensure that you can respond quickly and positively to every take that you experience. However, these wouldn't be a Korda product if they weren't given a modern carp fishing twist, which these indicators certainly have! Not only do they boast a smart Korda branding but they also feature a number of tweaks which ensures that they are really set apart from other indicators on the market. One of these tweaks is this Magnetic Hockey Stick. You do get one of these Magnetic Hockey Sticks supplied with your initial purchase of the Korda Complete Stow Indicators, however, should you loose your original then this is the perfect place to invest in a replacement. What's more, this Magnetic Hockey Stick can also be used to adapt your existing indicator set up. If you're someone who is tired with the time consuming act of screwing and unscrewing your bobbins each time you setup and pack down your gear, then this could be the perfect solution for you. Saving you time on the bank each time, you can attach the magnetic head adaptor to you existing bobbin. This means that you can then simply clip it into the Hockey Stick when in use, making setup exponentially quicker especially if you're at the bank with cold or wet hands. As you will have come to expect from a world class Korda product, these Magnetic Hockey Sticks have been manufactured to the very highest standards. Made from top quality stainless steel, these will practically last you a lifetime on the bank ensuring that you're able to enjoy the ease of set up and pack down with the Korda system throughout your carp fishing years. These Korda Stow Indicators Magnetic Hockey Sticks also feature unique Korda branding, ensuring that they look every bit as classy as you will have come to expect from a Korda product. Korda is a carp fishing brand with an enviable reputation for quality and it is famous up and down the country for its unique, practical, and great looking products. Established by Danny Fairbrass in 1993, the brand has grown from strength to strength and it is now considered to be one of the biggest names in the British carp fishing industry. Not only does the brand innovate in terms of the terminal tackle it produces but it is also considered an innovator in its digital production. Korda's Underwater series of DVD's have revolutionised the way anglers' understand the life of the fish they are targeting and the brand have a number of high rated angling TV shows including Thinking Tackle and The Big Fish Off too. One thing that really sets the Korda team apart from other brand teams is their obvious dedication to the brand. Rather than getting other anglers in to help create and showcase their products, the Korda team stand front and centre proud not only of their own angling ability but also of the top class products they have innovated. If you're looking either for a replacement Hockey Stick for your existing Korda Stow collection or you're simply after an adaptor for your current bobbin setup, this Korda Stow Indicator Magnetic Hockey Stick is the perfect choice for you.

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Brand: Korda
GTIN: 5060323805794
Type of Fishing: Carp