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Korda Complete Stow Indicator


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  • Truly unique indicators
  • Unparalleled sensitivity
  • Transmit any line movement
  • Incredibly light
  • Customize them anyway you choose
  • Can be used with all alarms
  • Stow Magnetic Hockey Stick included with each kit
  • Complete with long & short chains to fit all alarm types
  • Everything you need to get up & running

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Brand: Korda
Colour : Green
GTIN: 5060062114522
Type of Fishing: Carp

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About Korda Complete Stow Indicator

Korda Stow Complete Indicator (NEW) If you were a fan the cult Elstow bobbins then you'll love this latest product from Korda. The Korda Stow Complete Indicator has been developed in order to stay faithful to the original handmade Elstow's, however, Korda is not a brand to rest on its laurels. Rather than simply re-creating the design for large scale commercial production, the brand wanted to adapt and modify the design for the modern carp fishing community. This is why the whole team got involved in the design of these indicators and they became a real labour of love. The first thing the team had to consider when redesigning the Elstow was what exactly made the Elstow bobbin so popular, as these were the elements that the team would need to preserve through to the new designed Stow Complete Indicator. The whole team were agreed on this: the carbon line clip was the real stand-out feature. On the original model this was whipped on, as you would whip on the line guides on a traditional carp rod. However, the Korda team knew that this would be impossible to achieve in mass production & especially as they wanted to create a product that could offer incredible consistency. During the early days of development the team set to work trying to create a carbon like line clip out of plastic. For many months this seamed like an impossible feat and the team were beginning to think that there was a reason why no other tackle company had braved the redesign of the Elstow & it simply couldn't be done. Luckily the team were persistent and managed to design a wire form that would sit inside the plastic line clip, giving results that perfectly imitated full carbon. Once this was realised, the team could focus on other aspects of the design & such as making sure it could be more easily fixed under your bite alarm and giving you the ability to change the weight to suit your fishing needs. The Korda team were also keen to make sure these bobbins were available in a variety of colours, enabling you to coordinate them with whatever bite alarm setup you preferred, whilst still retaining the translucent outer shell to allow the light from your isotope to shine through & making low light level carp fishing even more enjoyable. The Korda Stow Complete Indicator can be used effectively both slack line and tight line fishing. This enables you to target a huge variety of venues & from the largest lakes to the smallest and tightest swims & with the same confidence in your bite detection. When you're fishing on slack lines the Korda team recommend that you play out enough slack to ensure that your fluorocarbon is flat on the lake bad before clipping your Stow Complete Indicator tight on your line. This will give it a somewhat unorthodox appearance, as your dobbin with lift and run parallel to the floor. However, the benefits of this are overwhelming and it will give you incredible bite registration & even the smallest scuffles near your bait will beep to give you an incredibly clear picture of what is happening under the water. When you're tight line fishing you want to clip the Stow in the conventional manner. Because of the semi-fixed nature of the Korda Stow Complete Indicator it will unclip itself as it hits the bite alarm, ensuring that you know exactly which line is running. You can add additional weights to your Korda Stow Complete Indicator setup, so you'll know if you're experiencing a drop back. The Korda Stow Complete Indicator comes with a magnetic hockey stick as standard, as well as an option or long or short chain to ensure that it is perfectly compatible with all alarm types. They come in a rainbow of colours including white, black, orange red, purple, yellow, blue and green, sure to please any angler!

Key Features

Brand: Korda
Colour : Green
GTIN: 5060062114522
Type of Fishing: Carp