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Prologic SMX Bite Alarm Sets Custom Black WTS Blue Edition

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  • Available as a 2+1 Set, 3+1 Set and 4+1 Set
  • Operates with 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries (not included)
  • Five volume levels plus silent modeFour sensitivity adjustments
  • Seven tone adjustments
  • 100% waterproof
  • Dedicated drop back LED indication
  • Dedicated drop back tone
  • Ultra-bright 


Bite Alarm Colour Blue
Brand Prologic
No. of Rods 2
Type of Fishing Carp
With Receiver? Yes
MPN 58128

More Info

Established since 2004, the UK brand Prologic focuses on providing tackle that is dedicated to carp anglers. For Prologic, the carp fishing scene has expanded so far beyond the seeds sown in the UK that it is now a big, pan European company that is renowned worldwide. Prologic continues to build a firm following by offering products that form practical solutions to the vast majority of carp angling situations from bite alarms to bait tools. The SMX range has established itself to be one of Europe's favourite bite indication kits in a short space of time. These SMX Alarms from Prologic are very effective, simple and reliable. It works on a very simple magnet roller wheel system, picking up of any forward pulls or drop backs off the line. This wheel roller is of diamond shape, offering a tasteful style to the alarms as well as more grip of the line for those aggressive bites. This SMX alarm contains two alarms and one receiver and comes in a matt black design with a white roller to maximise the contrast and helping with bite indication. There are three easy-to-use buttons just below the roller on the face of the alarms, that displays the volume, tone and sensitivity control. The receiver itself is matt black with an anodised speaker cap. The top of the receiver displays eight powerful LED's that indicate purple of a take, white for a drop back and a third, bigger light that will act as a bivvy light. The alarms are extremely compact, easy to store away between visits to the bank as well as not taking up much space in your rucksack when commuting from car to the riverside. The company shape makes these alarms rather elegant compared to some of the bulkier designs out there. The indicators rely on two AAA 1.5V batteries for power and these are not included with the alarms. The SMX series includes all the important features needed from the modern carp anglers and more. You are able to completely customise the alarms to what you prefer, enabling you to adjust the tone of the alarm, the volume and the sensitivity. There is also a dedicated drop back LED indication and tone that you can tailor to your preference. You can choose from five volume levels plus silent mode so you can adjust depending on how close other anglers are to you, how far away you are from the bank to hear the alarm or to the time of day. Silent mode is great for night fishing because you can rely on the silent flash of the led to indicate a bite instead. There also seven tone adjustments to tailor to your preference and four sensitivity adjustments depending on what fish you are targeting. There is also a memory function so that once you have tailored the alarm to exactly the fitting tone, volume and sensitivity, once turned off and one again all these customised settings shall remain, saving you time and effort on your second use. There is also a vibration mode for those that want something in between silence and a loud pitched sound of the alarm. The alarms are totally, 100% waterproof, meaning whether there is a drizzle of rain or you accidentally dunk them in the shallow bankside, the alarms will still perform to the highest standard to keep up with the demands of carp fishing. Prologic has evolved the classic alarm design by making the illuminated snag ears are telescopic so they are more compact and safe to store and more adaptable alarms. Additionally to the visual of the product, the SMX features an ultra-bright LED receiver that can be seen from you bedchair in your bivvy, no matter the conditions. So if you need to update your alarms for a reliable, sleek and sensitive bite indicator that will never lose you a catch, look into Prologic's SMX custom black WTS's, blue edition.

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