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ECU MK1 Super + Compact Remote Bite Alarm Set

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Enhanced Speed Bite Detection Sensing technology

Mute function

Super Large Single Latching / Run led combined. Multi-colour led can be set to any colour.

(LC-D button)

Dimmer Function

Volume, tone, sensitivity buttons

Silent mode function

low battery indicator window alongside toggle switch


Bite Alarm Colour Adjustable
No. of Rods 3
Type of Fishing Carp
With Receiver? Yes

More Info

ECU MK1 Super Plus Compact Remote Bite Alarm

ECU Mk1 Compacts is the brand name for a variety of alarm models designed manufactured by E.C.U. / Scott Edwards. 5 -10 years from now all alarms will still come under this one banner... Mk1 compacts and there is simply no intention to ever drop this name. All ECU alarms will only ever have one infamous name... MK1 COMPACTS!

Key features:
- Enhanced Speed Bite Detection Sensing technology
- Mute function (M button, one press 30 sec mute / two taps 60 sec mute!)
- Super Large Single Latching / Run led combined. multi colour led can be set to any colour.
- (LC-D button)
- Dimmer Function
- Volume. tone. sensitivity buttons.
- Silent mode function
- Low battery indicator window alongside toggle switch.
- Anti line skip roller wheel. (stop line skipping over roller wheel).
- Slick glide roller wheel feature (for increased light line movement over roller wheel).
- Vertical isotope slots take 12mm x 2mm size isotopes.
- Drop Back Function. visual and audible differentiation between forward and reverse movement.
- Rod riser storm ears included for increased angled rod height elevation.
- Extended signal range with external base drop down antenna.
- Jack out put 2.5mm socket size. for illuminated hangers. (hangers will becoming available).

ECU Super Plus Remote Receiver

Central isotope slot on receiver takes a 12m x 2mm isotope. ECU recommend using new blu tac to bed the isotope down onto. Then if you need to you can pick out the isotope with a fine needle and less chance of cracking your isotope.

Key features:
- Volume control . vibration feature .
- Low battery warning indicator.
- Programme button (to pair alarms).
- Reset button (to erase alarms / wipe receiver memory).
- up to 200m signal range.
- LC-D colour change feature. all 4 leds on super+ receiver can be easily changed to any colour preference you prefer at a simple press of the lc-d button.
- Dimmer LED function

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