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Anaconda Tiki Taka 4 Rod Alarm Set

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  • 5 volumes, including vibration alert
  • Belt clip allows easy use by stalking anglers
  • Waterproof and shock resistant
  • Low battery warning
  • Compact
  • Supplied in highly protective carry case


Bite Alarm Colour Multi
Brand Anaconda
No. of Rods 4
Type of Fishing Carp
MPN 2048604

More Info

Brought to the angling community by a team who have been passionately involved with the German carp scene for many years, watching tactics and techniques develop from the beginnings of boilie fishing, right up to the complexities and potential of the contemporary campaign scene, Anaconda offers practical, straightforward fishing tackle that's geared towards carp anglers on the campaign trail. If you're looking for a dynamic bite alarm kit that can be used with a full carp set up, and offers the potential of ready alerts for stalking anglers who are trolling the margins while on the move, then the Germans have won the battle of the banksides with this compact yet comprehensive indication set up, that will give you outstanding performance wherever you're fishing, with products performance tested on sprawling lakes and fast-flowing rivers, giving a guarantee of success on any venue. With five volume options, including a vibration alert, and variable tones, these bite alarms will be music to your ears, and instantly recognisable, ringing the sounds of catching success in a way that's tailored to your angling, and your preferences. This is an easy to use bite alert set up, which is designed with the modern carp angler foremost in mind. A belt clip allows you to easily use the bite alarms when you're stalking along secluded swims, and ensures you're guaranteed to hear your alarms sound when you're tucked up in your bivvy. Real time transmission ensures there's no delay between a fish biting and an angler knowing about it, making catching success much more likely. A low battery warning lets you know when your juice is running low, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll never be let down by a power outage at that vital moment. The latest design from a brand that's lethally on point, the Anacondat Tiki Taka 4 Rod Alarm Set offers full carpy potential in strikingly simple, ultra-modern style. Boss the bank with these high performance alarms, and never miss a take again. The alarms and receiver are waterproof and shock resistant, giving them the functionality you need, and ensuring your alarms will serve you well for many years to come. Supplied in a durable, hard carry case, with segmented, padded lining for complete protection, Tiki Taka ensures you'll stay alert, and brightens up your catch routine on any bankside. Whether you prefer lakes or rivers, these bite alarms have a go-anywhere practicality that's been honed by passion, experience, and in-depth knowledge.

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