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  • 4 Channel receiver box
  • Compatible with Neville Remote Bite Alarms
  • Compact design
  • Size of the box: 5.8cm x 4.8cm
  • Simple programmable set-up which allows up to 4 alarms at any time
  • Adjustable 4 level volume
  • 4 latching LED's
  • Low battery drain
  • Approx. 30 days continuous use battery life
  • Built in radio receiver with up to 500m in line of sight range
  • Battery level indication
  • Requires a 9v PP3 battery (not included)
  • Operating instructions included

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Brand: Steve Neville
Colour : Blue
Type of Fishing: Carp
MPN: NEV13010301

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About Steve Neville Remote Receiver Box

Steve Neville fishing tackle developed a cult following for its innovative and high-quality products from the 1990s. Its innovative approach continues to bring both the existing ranges and new, well researched and tested. Needless to say everything is designed and manufactured in UK so British anglers can trust the Steve Neville fishing tackle. Specialising in alarms, the Steve Neville remote receiver box means that you will never miss the alarm. The receiver box allows to add up to four separate alarms at a time so you can rest up in your bivvy knowing that when a screaming take lands you will be sure to here it no matter what rod it came from. This four-channel receiver is compatible with Neville Remote Bite Alarms and requires a 9v PP3 battery. To assist in identifying with rod has a bite, you can tailor the colouring of the receiver to your LED setting on your bite alarms. There are three different options for receiver boxes. One only emits blue, the other green and the last option uses mixed colours of red, blue, green and yellow.&This system has range of up to 500 metres (subject to environmental conditions and local electrical interference) and an adjustable volume option. You can choose from high, medium, low and lowest so that when the day starts to draw to an end, you can be considerate of your bankside neighbours in their own bivvies. The receiver box also boasts a battery level indicator which is done by the receiver cycling through the LEDs. The Alkaline battery (which is not included) will get you 30 days of continuous use. The receiver does come with operating instructions in the 5.8cm x 4.8cm sized box so you can relate back to them anytime you fancy customising the receiver or you have a new alarm to pair with it. Simple to program, vital to the carping angler, check out Steve Neville tackle.

Key Features

Brand: Steve Neville
Colour : Blue
Type of Fishing: Carp
MPN: NEV13010301


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