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Waverunner Toslon TF640 Fishfinder/GPS

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Brand Waverunner
Type of Fishing Carp

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If you're looking to take your bait boat performance to the next level, then the Toslon TF640 Fishfinder and GPS can't be beaten. & Providing an impressive navigation system that's designed to work with all bait boats, and pairs well with the Waverunner range, this is a feature-packed piece of tech that will enhance any session. & An electronic compass allows you to keep track of your bait boat during night sessions, or in heavy fog and overcast conditions, while top of the range wireless sonar provides accurate information and up to the minute reports on all aspects of your angling session, whilst also allowing you to effortlessly guide the boat to just the right position. Spots that regularly prove productive can be saved in the sonar's memory, giving you the option of simply selecting that spot, and sending your boat straight there, saving time, and getting your session going quicker, giving you a better chance of catching, and a more active session overall. An in depth GPS data display includes helpful information such as the time and distance your bait boat has to travel to reach a particular spot, or return to the bank, speed, bait load, date and time, and the bait boat's course across the venue, as well as the satellite number of the sonar tracking. Alarms provide instant alerts for your boat's arrival on the spot, as well as letting you know if the satellite signal drops out at any point, while a handy display gives clear, colour-indicated differentiation between fish and features, and also displays the depth above individual fish icons on the display, allowing you to choose the right lure to effectively entice your predator quarry, or giving you all the detail you need to get some tasty bait in just the right spot for hungry carp or curious coarse species to feel confident coming over to investigate, resulting in a more efficient and effective session, whatever you're fishing for, and whatever venue or conditions you find yourself facing. & The real time sonar feedback also tells you everything you need to know about the terrain of the lake bed, allowing you to plan your approach, and offer tailored bait or lure presentations. The Toslon offers an ultra-modern way to get the best out of your fishing, and turn your angling ambitions into solid achievements, whether you have years of experience under your belt, or are new to the sport. With technology becoming increasingly prevalent across the range of angling disciplines, and on almost every bankside, mark, and peg, make sure you're not left behind; order your Waverunner Toslon online today, or head out to your local TackleTarts store to check it out for yourself, and give yourself a more exciting, accurate, and rewarding experience on your next bait boat session. While some anglers will mourn the loss of traditional arts and skill, others will embrace the inevitable rise in popularity of technology of all kinds as the beginning of a new kind of tradition, and something that requires as much skill and cunning as any traditional float work approach.

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