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Rippton CatchX Pro Bait Boat

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Brand Rippton
Independent Hoppers 2
Payload Capacity (kg) 3kg
Type of Fishing Carp
Weight (kg) 5.4kg
MPN 21956

More Info

Rippton CatchX Pro is a bait boat with fish finder that features 1-KEY remote control, 2 hoppers, 3KG capacity, and 300m sonar range.
This RC bait boats for sale is upgraded from model CatchX, which is more precise, powerful and versatile.
Go smart fishing with CatchX Pro remote control bait boat!

Your Dream Carp Fishing Bait Boat of Comprehensive Integrated Solution
1 Key Return
2 Hoppers
3kg Capacity
Unlimited Spots

Range: 300m

Payload: 3kg

GPS: Yes

Fish finder: Yes

Autopilot: Free

Unprecedented Groundbreaking Edge
Say goodbye to interference between the fish finder and bait boat.
Still troubled by the interference between the fish finder and bait boat?
Paying extra to buy a Wi-Fi extender and carry it every time?

Now, the advanced compatibility between CatchX Pro bait boat and Hydrobat fish finder can save you the bother of carrying redundant equipment to the bank.
No more interference.
Neat and simple.

Multitask with ease
Struggling to switch Apps of your sonar and bait boat or use multiple devices?
The integrated Rippton App can solve all the problems!
The sonar’s real-time reflection page and bait boat’s task page are on the same interface and each one can be freely zoomed in with just a tap.
Stay fully focused on finding your big carp and no troublesome and confusing switching anymore.

Know the Game-changing Fish Finder
First Fish Finder Ever That Can Realize 300m Range
Enabled by our new M2 chirp, our Hydrobat fish finder ensures stable connection with your phone with an astonishing range of 300 meters, leaving the competition (120m) behind.
It serves as your personal scout to investigate the water depth, water temperature and fish location.
The CatchX bait boat with its well-functioned Hydrobat fish finder will be your best choice to secure a fruitful fishing trip.

So powerful, So versatile
Zone scanning, fixed point scanning, quick mapping and accurate mapping mode - multiple options of modes for different circumstances.
Create your personal unique bathymetric maps of the places you fish and maximize your experience with Rippton sonar.

Never miss any fishing spot
As part of the mapping function, CatchX Pro will automatically record every potential fishing point on the Rippton app.
With these treasurable data, you can select the most suitable location for baiting or placing a hook.
All the spots are private and you can freely edit every waypoint to generate your own logbook.

Everything at Your Fingertip
Autopilot & Failsafe
Just set the baiting spot(s) and route on the app, and your CatchX Pro is ready to go
GPS and autopilot function allows your bait boat automatically to sail to its destination. Simple and fun.
It will return automatically to home spot when losing signal or the battery is running low.
Just lay back, check out your screen and easily have everything under control!
Always safe No anxiety.

Reimagined Hardcore Technology
Empowered by Rippton’s self-developed data transmission module, dual-aerial design and highly integrated navigation control system Parrot, CatchX Pro can sustain pro levels of performance on stable and fluid transmission of signals and images, accurate baiting and agile control.

Designed to last
The hardware and software work together seamlessly.
Besides, with the all-new battery compartment cover, water resistance level is further enhanced.
Their ultrastrong materials and water resistance make CatchX Pro incredibly durable.

Humanizing Design
Single-handed remote: bait your spots with just one hand while enjoying a refreshing beverage with the other!
Auto-calibration: By just pressing two buttons on the remote or tapping the button on the App, the boat automatically calibrates itself on water without effort.

Keep Your CatchX Pro Fresh Any Time
Your bait boat will be continuously upgraded through free software updates.

Fishing Smart
Take you fishing trip to the next level
Bait Dropping Task: The Rippton app is designed to carry out bait dropping tasks with ease. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can control the bait boat and drop the bait at the desired location. The app provides real-time feedback on the status of the bait boat, ensuring that you can carry out the task efficiently.
Record Unlimited Number of Fishing Spots: The Rippton app allows you to record an unlimited number of fishing spots, making it easy to keep track of your favorite fishing locations. You can add notes, images, and other details to each spot, making it easier to remember important information about each location.
Sonar Interface: The Rippton app provides a user-friendly interface for the sonar, where you can view the image of fish. You can adjust the mode of the sonar to get the desired results.
Integrated Control Panel: You can check the information of the equipment, such as battery level and signal strength, and make the necessary settings to ensure that everything is working correctly. The app allows you to switch between the interfaces of the bait boat and sonar smoothly, making it easy to control both from a single device.


Dimensions: 615*358*332mm

Weight: 5.4kg

Color: carbon fiber black

Outfit: 2 independent hoppers, 1 independent hook release

Bait Capacity: 3kg

Range: 300m +/- dependent on weather and environment conditions

Run Time on a Full Charge: 2.5hrs

Full Charge: 4hrs

Boat Batteries: 2 pcs Li-ion 18650/8000mAh

Boat Lights: 1 front, 1 rear

Propulsion: 2 high-performance industrial engines; 7000rmp12V/755

External Interface: 1*USB(Type C), 1*DC-in-out Jack

Radio Frequency: 5.8Ghz

Handset: one-handed remote

Autopilot with Map: free

Full-Featured APP: free

Real Time Positional Information: free

In the Package

1x CatchX Pro bait boat

1x Hydrobat fish finder

1x Remote

2x Aerial

1x Fish finder mount

2x 8000mAh battery

1x Bait boat charger

1x Remote charger

1x Fish finder charger

1x User manual

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